New Project Call–2017-2026 STIP

This is the new project call for 2017-2026 STIP. This call covers all modes of transportation (aviation and rail as an FYI, if submitted separately). Submissions will be accepted from IRPO’s membership only. 

For all projects, the required elements are:

  1. Name and description of the project including start/end locations, with lat/long if possible, if not, cross street references. If there are preliminary plans or sketch maps, please include copies.
  2. Purpose and Needs statement- From CTP. If not available, then a paragraph describing the need for the project.
  3. Planning documents that reference the project, if any. For a bike/pedestrian project, the project must be referenced in a plan. The plan must be adopted by 10/31/2015.

Preferred elements are:

  1. Cost estimate with documentation

Items Specific to Bike/Pedestrian Projects

  1. ROW acquired, if any (map or other documentation). Please note that ROW will be an allowed cost this time.
  2. Commitment letter, if available now. If not, a letter will be needed by late Spring 2016.
  3. Please indicate if you have discussed this project with Division staff.

All projects are due to IRPO by July 6th.

If you have questions, please contact Karyl Fuller, IRPO Director.

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