Shared by IRPO—N.C. Department of Transportation’s annual Model Bridge Building Competition.


Congratulations to Region 4’s Winners: Polk County Middle School and Polk County Early College and Good Luck Today at Finals!

NCDOT hosts the event to encourage students to develop math and science skills. Students work in teams, allowing them to also demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and research skills.

The teams in the final competition are:

Region One

  • Middle School – Clarkton School of Discovery of Clarkton
  • High School – Wilson Christian Academy of Wilson

Region Two

  • Middle School – Thales Academy of Rolesville
  • High School – Franklin Academy High School of Wake Forest

Region Three

  • Middle School – West Pine Middle School of West End
  • High School—North Moore High School of Robbins

Region Four

  • Middle School – Polk County Middle School of Mill Spring
  • High School – Polk County Early College of Columbus

Each school team will be judged in four categories including: written report, oral presentation, design drawing and model efficiency.

Carolinas Associated General Contractors sponsors the NCDOT Model Bridge Building Competition.


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