North Carolina’s 2018-2027 Draft Statewide Improvement Program Released

The draft 2018-2027 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was released on January 4, 2017. Please see below for Project Highlights by County.


Highlights by County



U-5835—Widen US 221 Business from US 221/NC226 to Georgia Ave.—Committed (ROW 2019)

U-5818—Widen Sugar Hill Road from I-40 westbound ramps to 0.3 mile west of I-40 east bound ramps—Committed (ROW 2019)

EB-5753, Sidewalk along Baldwin Ave. from Perry Street to Wayne Street.—Committed (ROW 2022)


I-4729—US74/I26/NC108 Interchange and improvements to NC108–Committed (Construction 2018)

R-5756—Realignment of Pea Ridge Road and John Sheenan Road–Committed (Construction 2017)

R-5840—Add paved shoulders to NC 9 from US 74 to NC 108—Committed (ROW 2021)

R-5838—Widen NC 108 from I-26 to US 176—Committed (ROW 2021)

EB-5759—Build Sidewalk on Peniel Road from Walker Road to Wheeler Road—Not Committed (ROW 2023)


U-5818—Widen SR 2159 Oak Street from Piney Ridge Road to US 74A—Committed (ROW 2017)

R-2233BB—Construct the northern half of the Rutherfordton by-pass–Committed (ROW 2018)

R-2233BA—Construct the southern half of the Rutherfordton by-pass—Committed (ROW 2022)

AV-5774—Extend the runway at the airport—Not Committed (Construction 2024)

***In addition, there are at least 24 bridge projects within the 3 counties. The STIP also includes other items like pavement rehabilitation, safety improvements and several other programs.

If you want to see everything in the STIP (Division 13 starts on page 409 and Division 14 on page 441), please go here: http://bit.ly/2jb8Xp7



All years are fiscal.

Boldfrom 2016-2025 STIP

Regular font—from 2018-2027 STIP




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