Commute Map for the Isothermal Region

        Click here for a higher resolution version of this map

Isothermal RPO ipdcinoutflowdeveloped this commute map to display the commuting patterns between  the 4 IPDC counties of Cleveland, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford and their immediate neighbors. Within that context, here are a few interesting observations:

  • Rutherford County sends more residents to Polk County (529) than Polk sends back, despite the fact that Rutherford County’s population is 3 times larger.
  • 582 residents of Mitchell County commute to McDowell County for work.
  • 897 residents of Polk County work in Spartanburg County.

Overall, IPDC’s residents flow out. Of the 87,355 people that are in the labor force within the 4 counties, 46,493 commute outside and 40,862 commute within the 4 counties. An additional 28,209 live elsewhere but work in 1 of the 4 counties, for a total internal job count of 69,071.


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