Shared by IRPO–Early Estimates In for Storm-Damaged Roads

Costs to exceed $5.5 million

COLUMBUS – The cleanup continues in the mountains.

The Department of Transportation is assessing damage from heavy storms over the weekend as crews continue to clear roads in several western North Carolina counties affected by record rains.

Below is a list of necessary repairs as well as early projected cost estimates as of Monday. The first estimate exceeds more than $5.5 million for interstate, highway and secondary road cleanup. The early estimate for clearing and repairing U.S. 176 exceeds $1 million.

Polk County

  • Interstate 26 — Repair box culvert, repair concrete paved ditches, repair drainage boxes, repair shoulders washed out, repair guardrail, repair slope, remove slide debris.
  • U.S. 176 (Closed to through traffic) —  Repair two major debris flows, clear downed trees, repair shallow fill failures, repair ditches, clear blocked cross-pipes, repair driveways, fix pipes, replace/repair guardrail, repair pavement, repair bridge approach.
  • Holbert Cove Road (Closed to through traffic) — Repair fill-and-cut failures, clear blocked ditches, clean cross pipes, repair bridge, replace bridge with culvert, repair pavement damage.
  • Green River Cove Road (One lane open) — Repair multiple road washouts and pavement washouts, clear blocked ditches, clean blocked cross pipes, fill embankment failures, remove downed trees, repair retaining wall, repair pavement.
  • Warrior Drive — Repair several shoulder washouts, clear box culverts, repair pipes washed out, repair a three-pipe culvert.
  • Howard Gap Road — Repair multiple miles of concrete ditch from waterline failure, clear drainage boxes, repair shoulder, repair pavement, repair bridge pipe, repair embankments, clear pipes and ditches.
  • Fork Creek Road — Repair slope failures, clear ditches and pipes.
  • Pearson Falls Road — Repair unpaved road washed out at tunnel, repair other washouts, clear pipes and ditches, clear bridge pipe.
  • Indian Mountain Road — Clear multiple slides blocking ditches and clear pipes.
  • Meadowlark Drive — Repair washed-out pipes, repair damaged shoulders in steep-grade section.
  • Silver Creek Road — Repair washed-out pip and repair shallow embankment failures.
  • Various roads in Polk County — Clear and repair pipes, ditches and driveways.

Transylvania County

  • Wilson Road — Repair shoulder damage next to river

Henderson County

  • Butler Bridge Road (Closed due to high water) — Waiting for water to recede to assess damages.
  • Big Willow Road (Closed due to high water) — Waiting for water to recede to assess damages.
  • River Road (Closed due to high water) — Waiting for water to recede to assess damages.

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