Shared by IRPO–N.C. Transportation Board Adopts Complete Streets Resolution

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation is improving its policy that focuses on evaluating every mode of travel for projects. The changes will enhance the safety and efficiency of the state’s transportation network. Members of the N.C. Board of Transportation on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution in support of implementing amendments to the department’s Complete Streets policy. NCDOT adopted the Complete Streets policy in 2009.

The policy directs transportation engineers and planners to take into account and incorporate different types of transportation into road projects, where feasible. The various transportation modes include driving, walking, biking, rail, aviation, and public transit. The board’s vote on Thursday supports NCDOT’s ongoing efforts to update and implement improvements to the Complete Streets policy.   

“The goal is a policy that does a better job considering different forms of transportation as projects are being developed – and not just considered at the end of project development,” Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon told the board on Thursday. Trogdon recognized members of a technical team who have been working over the past year to improve the department’s Complete Street policy. “This team helped us move toward turning that goal into reality – to build projects people need, want and will use,” Trogdon said.

The board’s action Thursday will lead to an improved internal process for planning and constructing transportation projects and, ultimately, reduce fatal crashes and pedestrian deaths as part of the department’s Vision Zero initiative.
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