Shared by IRPO– Schedule Set for Repairs to Saluda Mountain Drainage

Work near I-26 next year, Howard Gap Road to follow

SALUDA – N.C. Department of Transportation officials have completed a condition assessment and developed preliminary plans to repair drainage infrastructure in a section of Polk County that includes Interstate 26 at a higher elevation and Howard Gap Road at a lower elevation.
Severe storms in recent years have damaged drainage structures beside the interstate and a storm in January destroyed a section of Howard Gap Road.
“The initial focus will be on the critical drainage components on I-26 because the stormwater drains down from I-26 to Howard Gap Road,” Division 14 District Engineer Lonnie Watkins said.
Engineers are developing detailed design plans to repair or upgrade critical components of the drainage system on I-26. Transportation officials anticipate completing the plans this winter and awarding a contract next spring. Under that schedule, construction would take place next summer. 
During construction, engineers will create detailed plans to rebuild Howard Gap Road, add a new retaining wall and repair or upgrade drainage on that section of the road. Transportation officials anticipate awarding a contract in the spring of 2021 followed by construction that summer.
“This course of action will provide stability to I-26 and a new road to residents in the Howard Gap area,” Watkins said. “Every day, these long-term projects will benefit thousands of people who drive in Polk County.”


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