Shared by IRPO–myFutureNC County-Level Profiles

myFutureNC is a statewide nonprofit organization focused on educational attainment and is the result of cross-sector collaboration between North Carolina leaders in education, business, and government. In pursuit of their goal to have 2 million North Carolinians have a post-secondary degree or credential, they have produced County-level profiles, available as PDFs via the https://dashboard.myfuturenc.org website.

These profiles include many data elements, including county demographics; educational performance indicators; and labor market outcomes. In addition to the indicators on the published profile, this data file contains county indicators that align with data reported in the state attainment dashboard (where available), as well as contextual information that has been included based on conversations with county leaders. This data file also contains data for multiple years for many indicators and provides details by demographic subgroups where available.

Researchers from Carolina Demography, located within the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, identified the best source of data for each indicator by consulting with experts from the UNC System, the NC Community College System, North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NC Department of Commerce, and the NC
Department of Health and Human Services.

Carolina Demography will provide updated data for each indicator as it becomes available.

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