Isothermal Regional Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update

Starting on February 24, 2021, NCDOT, along with Isothermal RPO, McDowell, Polk, and Rutherford counties, will be discussing the preliminary DRAFT recommendations of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan at five public involvement workshops, three in Polk County and one each in Rutherford and McDowell counties. These workshops are:

Rutherford County—Woodrow Jones Building, February 24, 2021, 4-6 PM

Polk County—Womack Building, March 1, 3-5 PM

McDowell County—Marion Community Building, March 3, 4-6 PM

Saluda—Saluda Library, March 8, 4-6 PM

Tryon—Town Hall, March 9, 4-6 PM

Each workshop will feature an approximately 15-minute presentation of draft recommendation highlights at 4 PM and 5 PM, except the March 1 meeting, when it will be at 3 PM and 4 PM. After each presentation, there will be time for the public to view maps and have questions answered. The public will be able to virtually participate in the meeting through a call-in number and Zoom link that will be provided on this website on the meeting date. All of the materials for the workshops will be posted online here on the meeting date. Written public comments will be accepted at the workshops or they can be sent to isothermalrpo@regionc.org. The steering committee will review the comments for possible inclusion in the Plan. The Public Comment Period will end on April 12, 2021. All of the maps, videos, and project sheets are here.

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