Shared by IRPO–Litter Sweep Team Finds Lost Wallet

Wallet lost in Rutherford County returned to rightful owner

BOSTIC – N.C. Department of Transportation crews find all sorts of odd objects while picking up litter.

Sometimes, they find something very valuable.

Rutherford County Bridge Maintenance employee Brian Lowrey found something that holds money and is priceless to Elizabeth Willard while participating in NCDOT’s Spring Litter Sweep.

He found her wallet.

Willard lost the pink wallet, decorated with a sunglasses-wearing pineapple, about two months ago. On Friday, Lowery saw it sticking out amongst the aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bags and other rubbish beside Pearidge Road. 

He opened it and saw Willard’s identification along with a phone number. Later that day, Lowery drove to Willard’s workplace and hand-delivered the missing wallet to its rightful owner.  Litter Sweep is NCDOT’s biannual statewide roadside litter removal initiative. NCDOT crews and North Carolina residents across the state participate in local efforts to clean up our roadways. The spring event runs through April 24. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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