Organizing Documents

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MOU establishes the membership, bylaws and voting structure of the RPO. It also identifies the overall responsibilities of the RPO. All member counties must sign the MOU. Municipalities within the RPO may sign the MOU or adopt a resolution in support of the RPO. Any municipal resolutions must be submitted along with the MOU Funding Agreement.

Each RPO is required to adopt an agreement that establishes rules for disbursement and accounting of RPO grant funds. The Agreement for Disbursement and Accounting of Rural Transportation Planning Funds is the continuing agreement between the LPA and NCDOT. NCDOT may provide reimbursement to the designated LPA only. The LPA may enact sub-agreement(s) pertaining to the local match. A Funding Award Letter is provided to the LPA at the beginning of each calendar year detailing the available RPO funding for the coming fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30. Click here for the MOU.


Bylaws govern the membership, voting structure, and meeting procedures of the TCC and TAC. Bylaws for the RPO may be adopted and revised by the TAC from time to time. Click here for the TAC Bylaws and here for the TCC Bylaws.


The Prospectus is a formal reference guide that provides a detailed description of the full range of potential work elements that are eligible for inclusion in a planning work program.

Public Involvement Plan or Policy (PIP)

The PIP is a formally adopted statement policy or plan regarding public involvement activities related to the work of the RPO. The PIP provides guidance to staff to ensure adequate public review techniques and opportunities are provided, based on specific activities, documents or processes. Click here for PIP.

Planning Work Program (PWP)

The PWP is a standard document that consists of a funding table. The PWP is prepared on an annual basis to identify the planning priorities for the coming year and to define the planning work products and activities to be carried out by the RPO staff. Estimated expenditures for each major category of work are provided in the funding table.