R-2597 & R-0204–US 221 in Rutherford and McDowell Counties

US 221 Maps

See below for links to maps on NCDOT’s website. There are seven (7) maps showing the A-H sections. These sections were determined to be the Least Environmental Damaging Practicable Alternatives (LEPDA). R-0204E is in the 2018-2027 STIP with a ROW data of FY2021 and construction in FY2024.  R-2597-A is in the draft 2020-2029 STIP with a ROW date of FY2027 (updated January 2019).

None of the other sections are currently funded.

R2597_PHM_A1_web.pdf (A Section)–R-2597A starts here

R2597_PHM_B1_web.pdf (B Section)

R2597_PHM_B2_web.pdf (B Section)

R2597_PHM_B3_web.pdf (B Section)

R2597_PHM_C_web.pdf (C Section)–R-2597A ends here

R2597_PHM_D_web.pdf (D Section)

R2597_PHM_D1_web.pdf (D Section)

R2597_PHM_E1_web.pdf (E Section)–R-0204E starts on this map

R204_PHM_F1_G1_web.pdf (F-G Sections)–R-0204E ends on this map

R0204_PHM_F2_G2_web.pdf (F-G Sections)

R204_PHM_H_web.pdf (H Section)