2021-22 State Transportation Map Now Available

RALEIGH – The 2021-22 North Carolina State Transportation Map is now available to the public free of charge.

The map is funded and produced by the N.C. Department of Transportation. It is distributed by VisitNC, a unit of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

The cover of the new map features some of North Carolina’s most scenic views, including the Blue Ridge Parkway in Maggie Valley, the Greensboro skyline and Sunset Beach.

The new map can be ordered online at VisitNC.com/StateMap or by calling 1-800-847-4862 (VISIT NC). Maps are also available at welcome centers, rest areas and NCDOT offices across the state.

First published in 1916 and updated biennially, the state map is NCDOT’s most popular publication, with 1 million copies having been printed this year.

North Carolina has one of the largest highway systems in the nation and the new map details the 107,643 miles of public roads that span the state. That includes more than 81,000 miles of state-maintained roads.

A full-size PDF of the map is also available online.

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RPO Seeks Qualified Consultant for Safe Routes to Schools & Trails study

The Foothills RPO is seeking letters of interest from qualified consultants to perform a study on connecting local schools to the Thermal Belt Rail Trail.

The Thermal Belt Rail Trail is a 13.5-mile rail trail that connects Forest City, Spindale, Rutherfordton, Ruth, and Gilkey.  The trail has become a recreational, transportation, and tourism asset to the region. As is the case with successful long-distance trails across the United States, there is a desire and the need to provide safe, connected access to and from the trail from the local community and community destinations such as schools. There are six schools that are within ½ mile of the trail (easy walking distance) and a total of nine schools that are within 3 miles of the trail (easy biking distance). 

It is the desire of the Foothills RPO and the jurisdictions along the trail to provide safe routes to schools from the Thermal Belt Rail Trail. A Safe Routes to Schools and Trails (Thermal Belt Rail Trail) study is proposed to provide safe active transportation accommodations to students, teachers, and neighborhood residents. This study will determine both infrastructure recommendations and program recommendations that provide physical access and encouragement programs to get more kids walking and/or biking to school.

Click here to view the full RFLOI (Request for Letter of Interest).

More Than 8 Million Pounds of Roadside Litter Collected This Year

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation’s crews, contractors and volunteers have collected more than 8 million pounds of litter from roadsides and are on pace to exceed the state’s record for litter collection set in 2019.   

“We’re less than two months away from our annual Fall Litter Sweep, and we’re counting on everyone to help keep this momentum going,” said state Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette. “Please do your part by securing your loads before traveling, throw away trash in garbage bins, recycle when you can and make sure your friends and family do the same.” 

NCDOT and its partners have removed 8 million pounds of litter since Jan. 1. At this rate, NCDOT will exceed the 10.5 million pounds of litter collected in 2019.   

The 2021 Fall Litter Sweep will be held from Sept. 11-25. To sign up for the litter sweep, go here. To learn more about the litter sweep, visit the program’s webpage.  

NCDOT’s litter management programs are multifaceted. The department makes use of state-owned forces and contract services statewide. NCDOT’s Sponsor-A-Highway Program allows businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor litter removal along roadsides. NCDOT is also proud to partner with the more than 120,000 participants in the Adopt-A-Highway Program, where volunteers pledge to clean a section of our highways at least four times a year. 

If you spot someone littering from their vehicle, report them with NCDOT’s Swat-A-Litterbug app by downloading the app at ncdot.gov/litter.  

Litter is unsightly, costs millions of dollars to clean up and can hurt the environment, tourism and the state’s quality of life.  

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Name Change

As of July 1, 2021, the Isothermal RPO has changed names to the Foothills RPO.

The website is being updated and the address is also changing to http://www.foothillsrpo.org. The old address will continue to work for the next few months.

Staff emails are changing as well:

Karyl Fuller–kfuller@foothillsregion.org

Jerry Stensland–jstensland@foothillsregion.org

The old email addresses will also continue to work for the next little while. Other contact information remains the same.

Please send comments and questions to foothillsrpo@regionc.org.